SHOCK VIDEO : Dem Mayor Sentenced to Prison for Raping 4 Year Old Girl

Why is this scumbag being sentenced to prison and wasting taxpayer resources to feed him?

If EVER there was a mandate for the DEATH penalty, it should be here.

AND….why on earth does he have parole eligibility???

This monster should NEVER be allowed to harm another child again.


Keenan has been in Trumbull County Jail since his bond was revoked. Last month, he pleaded guilty to 20 counts of sex crimes and agreed to the life sentence with parole eligibility.

According to court documents, the alleged crimes began as early as September of 2013 when the victim, who trusted Keenan, was 4.

“Sexual assaults are probably one of the most heinous types of crimes that exist, and when the sexual assault is against a child, it’s especially egregious,” said Trumbull County Court Judge Peter Kontos.

In court, Assistant Prosecutor Gabe Wildman read a statement from the victim’s family.

The statement from the girl’s mother said Keenan manipulated the family and took advantage of a little girl.

You hid behind your religion and you pretented to be the town hero, but I hope you realize that everything good you might have done in the past matters not to the disgusting things you did to that innocent little girl,” the statement read.

Wildman said he was pleased with the sentence.

“The acts which Mr. Keenan committed are horrific. We felt, and we always felt, that a life sentence is an appropriate sentence, and that’s what he received today,” he said.

As part of his sentence, Keenan will also have to register as a Tier 3 sex offender.

Keenan was sworn in as Hubbard’s mayor in January of 2010 until John Darko took office in December of 2011. He was not in office during the time of the alleged crimes.

Watch the video:

Former Hubbard mayor sentenced to prison for raping child




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