Shock Video: Philadelphia Parking Officer Survives Ambush Execution Attempt

Surveillance video released this week shows a gunman ambush an on duty Philadelphia Parking Authority officer in the Frankford neighborhood, shooting him in the head in an attempted execution last Friday around 4 p.m.. The 37-year-old male officer was shot twice, in the left ear and right shoulder, but survived the attack. He is reported to be in stable condition.

The video shows the officer walking on the sidewalk and stopping to check two parked cars as vehicles drive by. A passenger door is open on the car parked right behind the first car on the street. As the officer walks toward the cars a man appears from a doorway or alley and quickly follows the officer. As the officer stops at the cars the gunman pulls out a firearm and fires point blank at the officer’s head. The officer collapses on the sidewalk, while the passenger in the parked car with the open door who had exited the car flees after witnessing the shooting. The gunman turns and walks back down the sidewalk.

Frankford is part of the officer’s beat. Authorities are reviewing tickets recently issued by the officer, including those on the day of the shooting, for possible leads.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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