Snowball Earth: But Why Did The Ice Melt? I Think I Know Why!

Image: Ancient ‘Snowball Earth’ thawed out in a flash

There’s a lot of articles about snowball earth on the net. All I have seen argue that rising CO2 level caused the end of snowball earth and a massive thaw which melted most of the ice in as little as a 1000 years. Yes, these people think CO2 produces energy, strangely enough, or?

Is the “greenhouse effect” really that strong?

Does the “greenhouse effect” actually exist at all?

We know there’s no “greenhouse effect” caused by CO2 (CO2 doesn’t prevent convection making the CO2 “warming” impossible).

Again we have to look to the sun for answers!

Here’s my theory. The earth is part of a solar system, and a galaxy. The earth orbit the sun, the sun is located in a solar system which again is located in a galaxy, the Milky Way.

Also the galaxy is turning (around its own “axel” in a disk like shape).

Over time, millions of years, 10’s and 100’s of millions of years, our solar system are moving in and out of areas which might have less or more cosmic rays, are more or less shielded from cosmic rays, or a combination of the two, or even other reasons.

It might even have been all about the sun and that the cosmic ray hitting the atmosphere was at a constant level, though not very likely.

I believe Svensmark’s theories are correct, the way I see it, it’s the only explanation for both the snowball earth and the thawing, – it sure aint the “greenhouse effect” caused by CO2, that we know for sure! However:

Study suggests ‘snowball Earth’ was real and was reversed by ‘An ultra-high carbon dioxide atmosphere’

That is, of course just BULL!!

Back to Svensmark:

SVENSMARK’s Force Majeure, The Sun’s Large Role in Climate Change

The Marinoan glaciation in the Cryogenian period, roughly 640 and 710 million years ago, caused the earth to become covered with ice and snow, perhaps all the way to the tropics, there migh even have been several such events.

Cosmic rays, the sun, the sun’s magnetic fields and cloud cover is the only theory that are up to the task, that can explain both the cooling and thawing, it even works today controlling both the weather and temperature, direct and indirect through sun rays, ultraviolet rays, magnetism etc.

These are only my thoughts now, before I have started researching the topic in detail, and started gathering documentation.

Feel free to comment below!

R. J. L. 

Well, ain’t that special?

Highest CO2 Concentrations on Record and Coldest In Europe in Decades

By Adapt 2030

Global CO2 levels are the highest on record despite all of the measures and cuts through the last decades but remarkably we are still here and coastal cities continue to be inhabited. Some emergency.

Bawwwwk. Europe freezes with Russia leading a full 10C+ drop in the last week from -40C to -52C, yes that is below zero. Otherworldly snowscapes pelt Romania and Austria. It’s Not CO2. It’s Not You, It’s the Sun


However, there’s nothing special about the CO2 levels today as it is normal for the CO2 level to fluctuate (except from NOAA’s CO2 level at Mauna Loa which is adjusted to fit a pre-determined narrative to defend a future “carbon-tax”)

Anyway, CO2 level, even in recent history has been higher than today:


.. and as documented in the video by Adapt 2030, empirically, CO2 play no role when it comes to temperature, not today and not during snowball earth, because physics are stubbornly hard to alter – even if the “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Activists and Criminals at NASA/NOAA., WWF., Greenpeace, IPCC etc. constantly are trying.


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