Some migrants bussed to Canada already heading back to NYC

Migrants bussed to Canada are already returning to the US.

Blame Canada.

Overrun by asylum-seeking migrants sent to the city from southern border states, New York has been offering free bus tickets to the Canadian border for migrants wanting to start a new life up north, but some are turning straight back around.

Ilze Thielmann, the director of nonprofit Team TLC — which has been organizing busses to Plattsburgh, where there is an unofficial crossing to Montreal — said the reality isn’t as rosy as people expect.

She told CBS: “They think that there are all these jobs up there. They think they’re going to be able to get asylum very easily up there and that’s just not the case.”

The Post first reported about the controversial program last week, with migrants receiving free tickets at the Port Authority bus terminal courtesy of charities funded by taxpayers.

Despite the free ride, Thielmann said migrants are getting frustrated with conditions and opting to return to New York City, where shelters and services have been strained by 43,000 asylum seekers in the past year.

Colombian native Jose Liandro, 37, crossed into Canada last week but told the Post via text after settling at a Hampton Inn and Suites hotel on the outskirts of Montreal he wanted to return to the US.

Asked why, Liandro replied, “Mucha nieve,” Spanish for, “Lots of snow.”

Canada announced an ambitious plan to offer 1.45m migrants permanent residency between 2023 and 2025 to combat a labor shortage.

The unofficial border crossing at Plattsburgh has become a hotspot with nearly 4,700 people heading from the US to Montreal in December and surrendering themselves to authorities and claiming asylum, the CBS reported.

However, the influx appeared to take Quebec immigration minister Christine Fréchette by surprise and she called on her nation’s leaders to crack down on the crossing after finding out about New York’s busing program, calling it “surprising.”

The Quebec government announced on Monday that 12 organizations in the Quebec area would receive $3.5 million to support the migrants.

Migrants get out of a van in Plattsburgh.

The migrants say there is too much snow in Canada.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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