Spain: Algerian Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated after attempting to stab a Police officer near Barcelona

A Muslim terrorist of Algerian origin who shouted ‘allahu akbar’ and attempted to stab an officer in a police station near Barcelona has been shot and eliminated.

The terror attack occurred early this morning just before 6am, with the terrorist entering the station armed with a knife.

He has been named by Spanish media as Algerian Abdelouahab Taib.

The police station has remained sealed off.

Spain Algerian Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated after stabbing attack near Barcelona (2).jpg

Mossos, the police force of Catalonia, explained: “A man armed with a knife has accessed this morning to the Cornellà police station in order to attack the officers. The aggressor has been shot down.”

A neighbor described how the terrorist’s girlfriend quickly converted to Islam after entering into a relationship with him. “Right away we saw her with a veil and the truth is that she surprised us”.

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Later on Monday, three people were injured after a Muslim terrorist rammed his car into pedestrians in the Casetas neighborhood of Zaragoza.

The Muslim terrorist hit people close to a pedestrian crossing outside Bar Avenida in the capital of northeastern Spain’s Aragon region.

Terror in Spain 3 injured in car ramming attack in Zaragoza (2)

According to local reports, the terrorist then fled from the scene.

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