Speaker Johnson’s Office Has the Perfect Response to Pro-Hamas Agitators Showing Up at the Door

Published June 15, 2024

It’s a day ending in Y, so that means that the pro-Hamas agitators who seemingly never have a job to get to, kids to shuttle to/from school, or any type of time or money obligations are busy harassing Americans who are trying to go about their daily business. On Friday, agitators from “If Not Now” chose to trek to the Capitol office of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA). They didn’t get a welcome reception, to say the least.

Roll the tape…

That’s not the whole tape, though I don’t blame my friend Ron for focusing on the gratifying part.

In the rest of the video, failed comic Ilana Glazer “explains” to all of us that there’s a “Christian Nationalist” flag outside Johnson’s office and what that allegedly means. Of course, she’s referring to the An Appeal to Heaven flag, which doesn’t have the coded meaning she thinks it has. She refers to Johnson as one of the “foremost voices cheering on Israel’s genocide in Gaza” and also makes a wild claim about Great Replacement Theory.

Regarding the “An Appeal to Heaven” flag, Glazer said:

This flag is from a sect of Christianity that believes that it’s Christians’ god-given right to control all aspects of society, so government, education and everything.


SOURCE: www.redstate.com

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House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) walks to the House Chamber, ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden’s State of The Union Address on Capitol Hill in Washington, US, March 7, 2024(photo credit: REUTERS/TOM BRENNER)
Published June 15, 2024

At the Nova Massacre exhibit in New York City on Monday, flags of Hamas and other terrorist organizations were seen flown by anti-Israel protesters.

At his weekly press conference on Wednesday morning, House Speaker Republican Mike Johnson praised the bravery of the IDF soldiers who rescued the four hostages over the weekend saying he’s rejoicing they’re home safely and is continuing to push for the release of all hostages.

Johnson called the protestors who gathered on Monday night in front of the Nova music festival exhibit in New York City “shameful” and described the protestors who chanted “Long live the Intifada”  and praise for Hezbollah in front of the White House as “aspiring Hamas members.”

“Plain and simple, it’s dangerous behavior,” Johnson said.

Terrorist supporters

He criticized police in DC for not arresting protestors who chanted “kill another Zionist now.”


SOURCE: www.jerusalempost.com


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