State prosecution opposes Netanyahu request to delay testimony in trial to next year

PM’s attorney said Gaza war meant more time was needed to prep Netanyahu for testimony, but state attorney notes PM has previously insisted he can run country while on trial
Published July 7, 2023
The State Attorney’s Office has expressed opposition to a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a delay in giving testimony in his corruption charge until March 2025, saying to do so would mean a de facto freeze of the criminal case against the premier for eight months.In a filing to the Jerusalem District Court on Sunday, the State Attorney’s Office insisted that Netanyahu’s testimony start no later than November 1, saying this would give him enough time to prepare.Two weeks ago, Netanyahu’s criminal defense attorney told the court that the prime minister needed more time than was previously expected to prepare him for his testimony in court, because of his management of the ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza, among other reasons.

In the current reality, in which the defense needs to prepare the prime minister for testimony in the midst of a war, the time needed to prepare the prime minister for testimony in a manner which does not harm his rights and his defense is significantly greater,” Netanyahu’s defense attorney Amit Hadad argued to the court.

The State Attorney’s Office strongly rejected this request, noting both that the case has dragged on for years already and that Netanyahu has frequently argued that  he is able to run the country even while on trial.



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The prosecution wants the trial to continue no later than November. The judges are now required to examine both parties’ requests, and a hearing on the matter is set for Tuesday

Published July 7, 2024

The State Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday notified the court of its opposition to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to postpone testifying in his corruption trial to March 2025, and asked the court to have the hearings held no later than November 1, 2024.

In its statement to the Jerusalem District Court, the state prosecutor noted that the defense case at trial – the stage where the defense presents their evidence – should begin after the Jewish holidays during September and October, emphasizing that a period of four months will allow the defendants “a significant time of preparation.”

The judges are now required to examine the parties’ requests, and a hearing on the matter is set for Tuesday.

The request that the defense only present its case in March 2025 was made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lawyers in June, because of the ongoing war and the scope of the cases in which he was accused of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.




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