President Trump toured and held a rally Thursday afternoon at the reinvigorated Granite City Works Steel Coil Warehouse in Granite City, Illinois, to highlight his administration’s policies on trade and manufacturing.

Trump touted the great recent economic data on American industry and the US unemployment numbers for African-Americans, Latinos and women.

To prove how his administration’s policies are affecting Americans, Trump called onstage some of the employees of the plant who have benefited from its recent expansion. One woman, Patricia Bertran, became visibly emotional recalling how important it was for her to go back to work.

“Patricia Bertran has worked here for 18 years,” Trump said, “When Furnace B restarted last month, Patricia christened it with a bottle of champagne. In other words, she loves this place, I think. Is that right? Say something. You like this place, right?”

Patricia took the stage ad the mic, her voice trembling near the end of her remarks.

“I was impacted two years ago when the plant was idled. Prior to that, I had worked at Granite City works for 16 years and was able to provide a comfortable life for me and my family,” Patricia said, Granite City Works is home for me, and driving past the quiet plant was difficult. Many families, including my own, suffered and local businesses. It is great to see the plant up and running, everyone back to work and the community thriving. Thank you, Mr. President.”

Trump concluded the remarks, saying “My administration is fighting for the loyal hard-working citizens of our country, men and women like you that make our country great and who make our country run.”

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Trump gives remarks on tariffs at Illinois steel plant

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