Suicide bomb attack kills and wounds dozens of students taking exam

A suicide attack at a tuition centre in the Afghan capital Kabul has killed at least 35 people, most of them female students, the United Nations says.

The attack on the Kaaj education center in the Dasht-e-Barchi region on Friday resulted in around 80 further injuries.

When the bomber attacked, students were taking a practice university exam. There has been no attack claim as of yet.

Many of the locals are Hazaras, a minority group that are frequently the target of extremists from the Islamic State (IS).

Numerous Hazara women disobeyed a Taliban-imposed prohibition on demonstrations to voice their opposition to the bloodshed on Saturday, according to the AFP news agency.

Around 50 women chanted while marching in the street, calling for an end to “Hazara genocide”.

Following the incident on Friday, images that surfaced on local television and were posted on social media seemed to depict scenes from a neighboring hospital where rows of covered dead were spread out on the floor.

According to other media from the private college’s location, the destroyed classrooms were filled with debris and overturned tables.

A woman who was seeking for her sister at one of the hospitals told AFP, “We didn’t find her here. She was a 19-year-old woman.

The assailant reportedly opened fire on the security personnel outside the center before going inside a classroom and setting up a device.

Most of the deaths, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to the BBC, were girls since they were in the front row and close to the explosion. There were about 600 individuals in the room when the attack took place, a student who was hurt told AFP.

Male and female students are taught at the private institution known as the Kaaj Tuition Center. Since the Taliban retook power in August of last year, the majority of girls’ schools in the nation have been closed, although some private schools are still operating.

Afghanistan’s third largest ethnic group is the Hazaras, the most of whom are Shia Muslims. They have long endured persecution at the hands of the Taliban and Islamic State (ISKP), two Sunni-affiliated groups.

The UN has reported more deaths than the Taliban officials in the nation have up to this point.

A spokesman for the interior ministry denounced the assault on Friday and said that security officers were on the scene.

Attacking civilian targets “proves the enemy’s barbaric depravity and lack of moral standards,” according to Abdul Nafy Takor.

The US and the US both strongly denounced the incident.

The charge d’affaires at the US mission in Afghanistan, Karen Decker, tweeted, “Targeting a room full of students taking examinations is disgusting; all students should be free to pursue an education in peace and without fear.”

With several attacks on both civilians and Taliban sympathizers, the security situation in Afghanistan, which had improved after the conclusion of war following the Taliban takeover, has gotten worse recently. Some have been claimed by IS, the Taliban’s fiercest foe.

In the Dasht-e-Barchi region, schools and hospitals have been the subject of numerous attacks, the most of which are assumed to have been carried out by IS.

A bomb strike on a girls school in Dasht-e-Barchi last year, just before the Taliban took back control, left at least 85 people dead, mostly students, and hundreds more injured.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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