Swamp Watch: The Bidens and Ukraine

Image: Expert: Hunter Biden Likely Still Has Millions in China-Backed Investment Fund

Serious and scary! Taibbi: Impeaching Trump Would Establish ‘Intelligence Community Veto over Elections’

By Fox News 

As President Trump is harassed with investigation inquiries, Joe and Hunter Biden continue to dodge an investigation of their own. #FoxNews


House Republicans call out Schiff for whistleblower secrecy


Adam Schiff: Whistleblower May Not Testify in Impeachment Probe

(Because there never was a real whistleblower, only the usual suspects, the deep state operatives and their orchestrated and illegal campaign to take down President Trump. He outsmarted them (again) quickly by releasing the transcript of the phone call. These deep state criminals should be prosectuted!)


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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