Switzerland Begins Arresting Citizens Who Use Too Much Heating!

Europe’s deepening energy crisis is starting to cause panic, pushing nations to ration supply and even threatening fines or jail time for people or businesses discovered breaking the emergency restrictions.
According to a report by the Swiss newspaper Blick, those who break the new laws may be subject to penalties or possibly up to three years in jail


Buildings with gas heating systems are only permitted to heat interior spaces to 19°C under the guidelines set down in a new government legislation. Radiant heaters are not allowed, and hot water can only be heated to 60C. This winter in Switzerland, it will also be necessary to keep the pools and spas chilly.
Anyone caught breaking the rules may be fined up to 3,000 Swiss Francs per day, or even go to jail. Utility firms could also be fined if they intentionally exceeded their gas limitations. States (or cantons, as they are known in Switzerland) that are against the new directives have until September 22 to express their objections or alternative suggestions. But when it comes to implementation, the government will probably have a difficult time, and courts will be occupied debating legal challenges brought on by the regulations.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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