Switzerland ranked ‘best country’ in the world

Switzerland has been placed in top spot in yet another international ranking. But does it deserve such a high score?

Based on 73 separate factors, US News & World Report’s annual ranking of 85 countries gave Switzerland the top spot.

Switzerland did not win all of the categories, but it performed admirably enough in some of them to receive good marks overall and in a number of distinct areas.

Some examples of them are:

Open for Business (100 points out of 100)

The implication that stores and other establishments are open till late hours may lead one to believe that this label is somewhat misleading.

If this were the case, Switzerland wouldn’t receive the highest possible rating and would likely come in at the bottom of the list.

This category actually refers to “business friendly,” which Switzerland most definitely is.

According to the research, “the countries that are regarded to best balance stability and expense are those that are most business-friendly. Capitalists and businesses find refuge in these free-market nations.

In other words, by providing resources like tax breaks and a qualified workforce, the government has made it possible for businesses to prosper.

This is advantageous since a thriving business environment benefits the economy as a whole.

Switzerland’s “low unemployment and one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world” serve as evidence that it succeeds in this category, according to the research.

This explains why the nation came in first place for being a desirable location for corporate headquarters and for being one of the top five places to live sustainably, retire comfortably, and launch a career.

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Quality of Life (96.7)

To various people, this phrase may have diverse connotations. However, the report states that “quality of life may also include intangibles like as job security, political stability, individual freedom, and environmental quality, beyond the core principles of broad access to food, housing, decent education, health care, and employment.”

Switzerland undoubtedly provides all four. There are many job options because there is less unemployment.

From within, the nation is politically stable, with well-established democratic processes like referendums offering protection against abuses of power.

A constitutional right is the right to freedom, which includes the right to “self-determination.”

Despite the fact that there are ecological issues related to global warming, the Swiss are adept at preserving the natural environment in which they live.

Other aspects of quality of life that favor Switzerland include safety, advanced public education, and a first-rate public health system.

Switzerland has performed well in each of these areas, but anyone who has been following these rankings is not surprised because the nation or certain cities frequently rank among those with a high quality of life.

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Social purpose (86.6)

This indicates that the nation is concerned with racial equity, the environment, gender equality, religious freedom, property rights, human and animal rights, and social justice.

In some of these categories, Switzerland does extremely well, while less so in others.

The nation’s regulation is among the strictest in the world when it comes to animal rights, for instance: live lobsters cannot be boiled, and small domestic animals must be maintained in pairs to ensure social interaction.

The allocation of political power is another area where Switzerland may perform better than other countries. This is because people, not politicians, hold and exercise all the political power in Switzerland thanks to its distinctive direct democracy system.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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