Beware the climate silencers

October 10, 2019 Larsen 0

By Peter Murphy – CFACT  The debates and differing perspectives on the trajectory of the Earth’s climate (that is, man-made global warming) has long reached the point where much […]

The Mechanics of Climate Alarm

February 28, 2019 Larsen 0

Image: The Climate Alarm Death Knell Sounds Again (2016) By Climate of Sophistry A POLITICAL PYRAMID MARKETING CAMPAIGN The global “climate change” pyramid marketing campaign is a political scheme […]

The Purpose of Climate Alarm

February 27, 2019 Larsen 0

Image: Three Facts Prove Climate Alarm Is a Scam By Climate Of Sophistry We must understand that what climate alarmism and climate “policy” is is a very cleverly crafted […]