Heatwave Of 1895-1896

October 1, 2021 Larsen 0

Image: UK Suffers Freezing Lows and Rare September Snows, Severe Early-Season Snowstorm Strikes Iceland, + “Unseasonal Snow” Kills two Trekkers in Northern India Related: Activists Get A Recent Paper […]

Is Climate Change Saving Lives?

July 16, 2021 Larsen 0

Image: Another Biden Administration eco-con Related: Global Warming Is Actually Sparing Lives …Cold Kills 17 Times More Than Heat, According To Lancet! Video: The Heartland Institute A new study […]

“Scientists Reveal”

May 14, 2021 Larsen 0

Image: Unusually Thick Ice Kills 1,000’S Of Russian Reindeer Related: The Thermometer Lies Video: Tony Heller Anytime the press says “scientists say” – you can be 99+% certain you […]