Tainted DC Jury Reaches Decision – Finds Stewart Rhodes GUILTY of Garbage “Seditious Conspiracy” Charges – Government Refused to Expose Their Operatives Who Were the Only Ones Who Called for Violence

Washington DC jurors reached a verdict in the garbage “seditious conspiracy” charges against Stewart Rhodes in the Oath Keepers Trial.
The jury announced they have reached a decision on Tuesday afternoon.
The verdict, which came after three days of deliberations, is expected to be read Tuesday afternoon.
The DC juries have found EVERY SINGLE Trump supporter guilty in their disgusting and unconstitutional criminal proceedings against honest Americans who were caught up in the violence on January 6.
Stewart Rhodes NEVER went inside the US Capitol. He never instructed anyone to go inside the US Capitol. And he was unarmed as were all of his associates that day.
The Oath Keepers were in DC to offer security for the several rallies planned on January 5th and 6th.
This is such a horrible travesty of justice!

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, the US government is hiding its informants — the only Oath Keepers or associates who called for violence on January 6!

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Committee Releases Alleged Violent “Walkie-Talkie” Recording from J-6 Protests — BUT THEY LIED AND GOT CAUGHT – The People on the Call WERE NOT EVEN AT CAPITOL!


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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