Tankers Trapped In Midsummer Arctic Sea Ice!

Shipping in the Gulf of Ob is paralysed and the situation complicated, icebreaker company Rosatomflot says. | The Independent Barents Observer

“THE global warming, which there has been so much talk about for such a long time, seems to have receded a little and we are returning to the standards of the 1980’s and 1990’s…”
― Andrey Smirnov (Icebreaker company rep)

Via The Barents Observer :

It is late June, but the winter has not abandoned the Gulf of Ob. The shallow bay, which houses two of Russia’s biggest Arctic out-shipment terminals for oil and gas, remains packed with fast ice.

It has created a  complicated situation, Rosatomflot says. The state company which manages the Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers, confirms that  independent shipping in the area is «paralysed» and that LNG carriers and tankers are stuck.

The shipping companies had expected the Gulf of Ob to be free of ice in the course of June and that icebreaker assistance would not be necessary. They were wrong.

According to Rosatomflot, there appears to be a need for icebreaker services in the area at least until after the first week of July. There are currently two nuclear-powered icebreakers in the Gulf of Ob, the «Taymyr» and the «Vaygach». In addition, there are several smaller tugs and icebreakers working in the waters around the Sabetta port.

According to the icebreaker company, this is the first summer in four years that the Gulf of Ob is packed with this much ice.

«The global warming, which there has been so much talk about for such a long time, seems to have receded a little and we are returning to the standards of the 1980s and 1990s,» says company representative Andrey Smirnov.

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AND how we have been repeatedly promised the “end of summer Arctic ice” by the Climate Crisis Industry and sycophant mainstream media!

HOW sure they were that your lifestyle and “carbon pollution” was melting away the Arctic and drowning cuddly Polar Bears!

2007 : BBC claimed Arctic summers would be ice free ‘by 2013′…

2007 : Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years? | National Geographic

2007 : AP Fake News climate activist Seth Borenstein reported “Could all Arctic ice be gone by 2012″…

2008 : ARCTIC activist fake ‘scientist’ Mark Serreze predicted an “ice free” Arctic by 2008!

MARK SERREZE’S Arctic Ice “Death Spiral” …

“The ice is in a “death spiral” and may disappear in the summers within a couple of decades, according to Mark Serreze, an Arctic climate expert at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.”

ARCTIC ICE “Death Spiral” | National Geographic

ARCTIC ICE “Death Spiral” | National Geographic

2009 : “THE entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months will be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years…” – Al Gore

2013 : Paul Beckwith of Sierra Club Canada knew, without a shadow of doubt, that “Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013” …

(NB, The link to this article and photo has since been pulled by The Sierra Club! “Page not found“)

2013 : Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist (Professor Peter Wadhams) | The Guardian

AUSTRALIA’S ‘Climate Commission‘ – Will Steffen and Tim Flannery in full panic mode. An alarmist prediction so bad, that even Gavin Schmidt thought it implausible!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at , August 9, 12.17.08 AM

STEFFEN claims a melting arctic and The emission of methane from the Arctic Ocean would wreak financial havoc…

“Warming is strongest in the northern high latitudes … An example is the loss of Arctic sea ice, which contributes to the thawing of the permafrost under the East Siberian Sea.” “Recent observations show that methane is beginning to bubble up … as the Arctic sea ice continues to retreat and the region continues to warm.”  

  • The release of the East Siberian Sea methane would lead to impacts worth about US$60 trillion (by comparison, the total value of the world’s economy in 2012 was about US$70 trillion, and the value of the Australian economy is about US$1.5 trillion).


Via Tony Heller :

Arctic sea ice thickness has been increasing for the past twelve years, and is up 44% since 2012. I calculated this by dividing DMI volume by MASIE extent.  (The MASIE records only go back to 2006.).



The Arctic Basin is covered with thick ice.

This is a change from ten years ago, when much of the Arctic was covered with thin ice.

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Truth In Labeling At The New York Times : “NOT REAL NEWS” | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

THE most recent satellite image of the Arctic from the Canadian Ice Service…

ARCTIC sea-ice is increasing in thickness and volume as CO2 increases. The EXACT opposite of “CO2 greenhouse gas theory” and the EXACT opposite of what global warming climate change alarmists have been promising you all these years!

UPDATE (H/t Pure Climate Skeptic)

AND, with Ice growing at both poles, Global Warming theory implodes…

Antarctica satellite 2018

Antarctica satellite 2018

See : BIAS BY OMISSION : No Mention Of Mother Nature’s Undersea Volcanoes In The Latest Antarctic ‘Global Warming’ Scare Story | Climatism


WHAT other climate change lies and falsehoods do politicians, fake scientists and the Climate Crisis Industry spin in order to push their misanthropic, anti-energy agenda of power and control?

HOW many more trillions of dollars of the public’s hard-earned money must be spent, worldwide, on windmills and solar panels? Symbolic ‘energy’ sources that are destroying economies, the environment and peoples’ livelihoods, all to appease the U.N. climate gods and massage the egos of the eco-elite.

WHEN do we finally call an end to this virtue-signalling eco-madness? Or are too many reputations and egos now at stake? Let alone the eco-trillions of taxpayers money available in an instant without question, immune to scrutiny and accountability.

WHAT a scam, what a hoax, what a sick, sad joke is “man-made global warming climate change”.

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Via: https://principia-scientific.org/tankers-trapped-in-midsummer-arctic-sea-ice/

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