Techno Fog: More Evidence on How the Biden Regime Cracked Down on and Eliminated Disfavored Information

More and more evidence is revealed nearly every day on how the Biden regme was censoring and eliminating disfavored information and unapproved thoughts immediately after entering office.

This isn’t your daddy’s America anymore.

Via TechnoFog on Substack.

The Biden White House’s demands of COVID-19 censorship began right after the President took power. It was a matter of days. Three days to be exact. Three days before the crimes of thought were to be punished.

On January 23, 2021, a mere three days after Biden was inaugurated, White House officials flagged COVID-19 “misinformation” for removal ASAP – including tweets by activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Biden’s censorship operation was led by Rob Flaherty, the White House director of digital media. And the quickness with which they dispensed demands to suppress speech indicated a prioritization of the Biden Administration to put an end to unwelcome and politically inconvenient thoughts.

By February 2021, just over one month into the Biden Administration, Flaherty was demanding information from Facebook on whether “misinformation” was being removed and whether there was “misinformation” that hadn’t been considered by Facebook’s “removal policies.” You can imagine the purpose of that inquiry: to explore the boundaries of Facebook’s COVID-19 policies so that the White House could suppress compliant, but borderline, posts and videos.

E-mails reveal that Facebook was the most forcefully targeted out of all social media companies. In May 2021, Flaherty chastised the social media giant for allowing COVID-19 disinformation to go viral and accused Facebook of a lack of dedication to the broader censorship effort: “Seems like your ‘dedicated vaccine hesitancy’ policy isn’t stopping the [COVID-19] disinfo dozen.”

Flaherty was also frustrated with Facebook’s failure to obey the Biden White House’s demands that they remove “bad information” from search results, which he deemed to be the easiest things Facebook could do. He questioned their abilities to achieve “the higher bar stuff” because they couldn’t get “that right.” His closing message to Facebook: “I don’t know why you guys can’t figure this out.”



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter


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