Tesla owner attempts to “refuel” electric car with gasoline pump… because the global warming crowd consists of absolute morons

By: Vicki Batts – (Natural News)

Tesla’s electric cars are a status symbol — but unfortunately, that status doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence. The global warming crowd has been quick to adopt electric vehicles, both for the perceived environmental benefits and the sense of superiority that comes with them. But, electric cars aren’t as “environmentally friendly” as they’re cracked up to be; the process of creating and fueling an electric car may not be any better for the planet than a gas-powered car. And apparently, electric cars are really hard to use for some people.

A video recently shared on Twitter showcases a Tesla owner trying to put gas in her car:

It appears that the video was originally taken by Twitter user Caleb Hull, and was then picked up by Car Crash TV and shared again. The two-minute clip shows a blonde woman driving a Tesla at a gas station. She spends quite some time searching for the car’s fuel door, but of course, there isn’t one.

Not to be deterred, the Tesla driver picks up the fuel pump and simply presses it against the side of the car. Whether she expected a fuel door to suddenly appear, or hoped the car would simply refuel by osmosis remains unclear. But, the Tesla driver eventually determined that she was not going to be getting any gas that day.

Is this what the average Tesla driver looks like? Maybe not — but this is could be a sign the Tesla hype has truly gone too far. The masses are now adopting technology they don’t even understand, simply because the media has told them to. Getting an electric car is what’s “trendy” right now, so people are going out and buying them without so much as a second thought. But there are substantial questions about the perceived environmental benefits of electric cars — even if the propaganda-pushing mainstream media won’t divulge such details.

Ref.: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-01-12-tesla-owner-attempts-to-refuel-electric-car-with-gasoline-pump.html

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