That Was The Summer That Was!

Image: Fess Up, Washington Post, Actual Data Doesn’t Show Climate Change Made Ida Worse

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By Paul Homewood – Not A Lot Of People Know That

Well, that was your summer!

In central England, it ranked an unimpressive 49th on the list. There were sixteen years as warm or warmer in the 18thC, and another ten in the 19thC.

I’m still waiting for those Mediterranean summers we were promised all those years ago!


Ida Brings Flooding to New York

Warming and Drying part 2 Natural Cycles, Climate see-saws and failed models

Video: Jim Steele
Natural cycles like the Madden Julian Oscillation and the El Nino Southern Oscillation cause regions of rising moist air and precipitation varying with regions of sinking cloudless dry air that allow intensified solar heating and modern and historical regional heatwaves and droughts.Climate hypothesis suggesting global warming will cause wet regions to get wetter and dry regions to get drier is not supported by observations

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