The Alarmists are not Exactly Smart, Low IQ., Dishonesty and Lack of Critical Thinking Has Given Us the Very Expensive (Man Made) Global Warming Hoax, But it Can Also Be Entertaining …

Image: Climate alarmists banks on your NOT being around for failed predictions

.. and they are also counting on you to NOT compare all the nonsense they publish today with the nonsense they published last week, or the week before.

Alarmism Exposed: The entire world is warming faster than the entire planet

By Anthony Watts – WUWT

Back in 2010, WUWT published a story called “Faster than everyplace else…” It illustrated how the media has portrayed warming as being “doubly bad” where you live. Only one problem – we compared stories, and what we found is pretty ridiculous.

Here’s a video update:



50 Years Of Failed NASA Climate Forecasts



President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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