The Amazing Scientific Accuracy of Job: Episode 2 of 7

Probably One of the most popular advocates for the scientific accuracy of Job was Henry M. Morris. Morris was of the founders of the Creation Research Society and the Institute for the Creation Research and is considered by many to be the father of modern creation science. Creation science or creationism is a branch of Apologetics that argues that the earth and the entire universe is no more than a few thousand years old based upon a literal reading of the biblical text.
Morris published a Christian best-selling book in 1988 titled “The Remarkable Record of Job” in which he argued for the many amazing scientific insights found in the biblical epic. Many other apologists since have picked up Morris’s arguments and are convinced the Book of Job reveals details about modern science which provide evidence of its ultimate divine authorship.
For example, Morris and his apologetic disciples have suggested various verses in the book of Job seem to describe the basics of the Earth’s  hydrologic system including evaporation and cloud formation as well as the enormously important relationship between water and air for controlling the Earth’s weather.

In his book, Morris points out that Chapter 28 verses 24 through 27 seems to show knowledge of this relationship.


“24 For he looks to the ends of the earth

and sees everything under the heavens.

 25  When he vgave to the wind its weight

and apportioned the waters by measure,

 26  when he made a decree for the rain

and wa way for the lightning of the thunder,

 27  then he saw it and declared it;

he established it, and searched it out.”


Unless, by divine inspiration point  out apologists like Morris, how could the author of Job have known not  only that water have weight but also air? Until 1640 no one had any scientific evidence that air had weight. But Evangelista Torricelli an Italian mathematician invented an instrument to measure atmospheric pressure, the Barometer. We now know that air weighs approximately  15 pounds per square inch at sea level, air indeed has weight just as the Book of Job proclaims.

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By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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