The Amazing Scientific Accuracy of Job: Episode 4 of 7

The bible is always being forced into a modern context at the risk of being removed from its original one by apologists. For instance, contemporary apologists think that the book of Job adequately describes our reality in terms of science. descriptions that, except divine inspiration, no ancient author could have known of. These apologists frequently use Job 38:31 as an example and assert that the scripture accurately characterizes the Pleiades as a cluster of stars bound together by gravity and the stars of Orion as being in no way related to one another gravitationally.
The Pleiades’ lovely influences are bound by Kenneth Val, or the bands of Orion are lost. While modern apologists view this passage as an illustration of the remarkable accuracy of Job’s author’s scientific insight, apologists before the modern era did not have scientific knowledge regarding the Pleiades or the constellation of Orion, so they interpreted Job 38:31 differently but with the same degree of certainty regarding its meaning.
In response to this verse, Julian of Eek Lanham, an early church bishop who lived in the fifth century, wrote: “Since Providence did not lack the collaboration of [divine] power in ordering the complexity of the world, Job now enumerates those things that evidently are an integral part of the power of the Creator.”
According to a different interpretation, “Even if the distance between them [i.e. Despite the fact that the Pleiades stars are little, your strength will never be able to compel them into one spot after taking away whatever distinguishes them from one another. Additionally, you won’t be able to direct Arctuaus (Ursa Minor) in a different direction or area than the one it is currently in.

Job 38:31 refers to the absolute placement of stars like those that make up the Pleiades star cluster or the constellation of Orion without the slightest concept of gravitational forces, for the apologist Julian, whose belief included a fixed universe with heavenly bodies and constellations that never change.
The rest of the Joban passage, which modern apologists easily ignore, mentions more constellations, including Ursa Minor and what academics interpret to be a reference to the 12 constellations of the zodiac in verse 32. Do you have the ability to lead the Mazzorath in their season? Or can you help the bear lead its young?
In any scientific sense, these references are not at all noteworthy. However, given the context of the narrative, each of these heavenly arrangements serves to emphasize a particular point. The stars in the sky could not have been placed by humans, and they cannot be moved from their current positions.

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By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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