The Amazing Scientific Accuracy of Job: Episode 7 of 7

Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job / Apologist Hugh Ross

Furthermore, I am aware that it is the oldest book in the Bible; nonetheless, they question why they don’t appear on page 1. The Bible is divided into three groups of books. You got prophetic, poetic, and historical.
Each is ordered chronologically. Though, Job is listed first in the poetic books. The Book of Job has textual hints from the Patriarchal period, as we can see. Why? We saw that the sacrifice is being performed by a patriarch rather than a priest. So it must have existed before the priest’s later years.
And the majority of academics agree that it predates Moses’ writing the Book of Genesis by 500–600 years because of the references to the political and economic systems. This implies that Job would serve as the founding text for Genesis and the rest of the bible.

The Remarkable Record of Job / Apologist Henry M. Morris

Given all these allusions to the distant past, it stands to reason that the book of Job, which is likely the oldest book in the Bible outside the first few chapters of Genesis, Genesis 1–11, was written in extremely remote antiquity. And as far as the author is concerned, I believe Job himself must have written it. If this actually occurred as it did, all the specific conversations and other events, he has confirmed that there is such a person as Akil.
In addition, James contains both the Old and New Testaments, making it impossible for anyone other than Job to record all of this information. It is possible, though not certain, that Job passed this information down to his entire family after he was restored from his trials, until it eventually ended up in Moses’ possession. And they split the tablet passed down by Adam, Noah, and the sons of Noah, among others, as revealed by the abuse of the Noahian and Isaacian generations and other generations.
These ancient tablets, which were passed down from father to son and the line of the patriarchs, depict the history of humanity in the early years of life on Earth. Moses eventually came into possession of them, edited them, added on, and interpreted comments, and discovered that he had brought the Book of Genesis with him. The Book of Job was attributed to Moses by all ancient Jews, which I believe is significant because it suggests that Job may experience the same thing. He is not truly the author of Genesis, as I believe Job to be, but he was like he was the author, the transcriber, and the editor since these are all extremely likely.
A snapshot of life from the very beginning, shortly after the great flood, is shown above. Since there are no mentions of the Land of Israel, the Ten Commandments, Abraham, or Isaac, who were the leaders of the Israeli patriarchs, they even discover that Moses may have existed before Abraham. Evidently, Job lived somewhere else and possibly at a different time than them. We therefore have very old work that provides us with insight into life and work in those early times.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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