The Climate Of Gavin

Image: The Bureaucrats Who Cried Wolf, And Never Stopped

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COP 26 – The last chance to save … is over. At first glance it looks like a failure, but look closly. Everybody can continue living their lives as before, you only have to pay a lot more to do it in “green” taxes, so the downward spiral continue for most people while the criminals at the top will continue to gather wealth (corruption, cronyism and subsidies) because the scam, sorry: fight – is not over.

The criminal, illegitimate regime: The left’s criminality is leaking out everywhere, for example from the corrupt media to EPA’s sue and settle to counterfeit weather and temperature data.

If the weather (temperature) data really did show a problem you can be sure you would be prosecuted if you did try to alter any data, now the opposite is the reality with lies, adjustments, cherry picking, statistical manipulation and straight out counterfeit ..

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The long term temperature record from government agencies doesn’t match the historical record, and has nothing to do with reality

100% Data Tampering