The Clintons Did Something Much Worse Than Just Steal Furniture When They Left the White House

When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, they didn’t just move out — they took things that didn’t belong to them, including furniture and paintings. But that’s not all they did.

Apparently, the couple and their staff were slobs. According to a General Accounting Office report entitled “Allegations of Damage During the 2001 Presidential Transition,” Team Clinton left behind a huge mess for others to clean up.

The report stated that documentation provided during the transition time between when the Clintons moved out and the Bushes moved in, witnesses claimed all kinds of vandalism took place. The destruction of property “included missing office signs and doorknobs, messages written inside desks, prank signs and messages, piles of furniture and equipment, and excessive trash left in offices.”

Team Clinton’s mess included “printed materials, stickers and written messages,” some of which contained derogatory and offensive statements about the president. Government property was also damaged, including broken furniture and computer keyboards with missing or damaged “W” keys. Cleaning crews even stated one office wall had three to four “sizable” holes which needed to be repaired.

Documentation claimed that several “personal items” were left behind, such as unopened beer and wine bottles, shoes and a T-shirt with a picture of a tongue sticking out on it draped over a chair.

The documentation also said there were not enough dumpsters to handle all of the trash the Clintons left behind.

That’s a lot of trash.

Talk about disrespect. The Clintons left the White House like a bunch of irresponsible college kids would leave a hotel room after spring break — in a complete and total mess.

Clinton likes to criticize Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his reckless temperament, but it’s clear Clinton is the more careless candidate. She is more irresponsible than most, but we’re not jut talking about leaving behind a pile of filth for someone else to clean up. We’re also talking about the future and safety of our country.

Can we risk sending her to the White house?

Source: Conservative Tribune 

Like i wrote earlier today, “To me it looks like children being home alone for the first time, small children – for weeks. We are lucky they had enough food!”


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