The Difference Between Weather And Climate

Image: Green mania hits the wall of nothingness

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NASA doesn’t understand weather or climate – but they have become quite good at propaganda.

When the narrative is Man Made Global Warming (today they call it “climate emergency”), you can’t risk ruining the fantasy with, what? Facts!??

Are you aware of how hard it is to lie to people who knows the facts?:

Record-Cold Start to Summer for Saskatchewan, Canada

.. and:

MSM sidesteps the Hundreds of Cold Records Currently Falling in the Central and Eastern United States

.. and:

Global Warming? Scott Base Antarctica Endures -115F, Cold Enough To Freeze CO2

Climate is the result of energy from the sun, weather is the atmosphere’s method of getting rid of excess energy, or heat. More energy there is, i.e. the warmer it is the more violent the weather. Heat creates convection and convection create thunderstorms, hurricanes, typhoons. Cold does not create any kind of storms, however colliding fronts (advection) can also be extremely violent, but then it’s the temperature difference within these fronts that are causing the trouble.

We understand the Milankovitch cycles, we also understand a little of what the sun can do, in short we understand and has proven enough to know CO2 is not driving the temperature, or climate, never did, never will (however it does seem to be driving taxes, in that regard it truly is a magic gas).

Whatever the sun does, wherever we are in the Milankovitch cycle, the continents and the ocean currents are the real “floor” – what all the other cycles are “building” – or “working” on top of.

The continental plates and its positions relative to each other is what is dictating the ocean currents, weather patterns, evaporation and precipitation is modulated accordingly etc.

It’s not hard to imagine that a different set up of the continents would allow for the ocean currents to flow differently, perhaps with another global mean temperature as a result.

As the continents keep drifting, the answers will follow, do not expect it any day this week ..

And, it’s still not CO2!:

More intense and frequent thunderstorms linked to global climate variability

100% Data Tampering