The dirty dating industry of Asia and The Philippines

October 26, 2021:

Romance Scam in China, A Gentle Trap With Heavy Loss, Professional Scammer Team

Video: China Observer (YouTube)


This is a interesting story. For a while I (Rallarn-50) was kind of in a relationship with a girl from Cebu. That ended when i caught her in a lie and lying about lying afterwards and all of a sudden, out of the blue accusing me of lying. I just ignored her since. But i noticed she kept posting messages to me talking about karma and revenge “just you wait and see” type of messages. I still didn’t care, nor did i respond. But funny thing started to happen, some of the girls i started to chat with showed the same display of behavior, could it be connected?

One night i communicated with one girl, same behavior, i just kept adding girls to chat with and was very intense, most all behave the same way. Very suspicious.
So i went in to the chat room 8 days ago to see what was going on. Sure enough, there was a group, very open and friendly, so i went in and focused on a few  that appeared to be in the same, some sort of group, knowing each other etc. I made sure i was very visible, greeting as many as i could when they entered the chat-room called “The Lobby” in DIA to make sure they knew who they were referring to when they were talking among  themselves. At the end i focused on only one girl, “Maria_84” and as i wrote to her, even if i wasn’t sure she was fake, as my plan played out, i took it very slow, i wanted her to have all necessary opportunities to stop me at any given time and back out, but she didn’t. In fact she behaved exactly like the 3 previous girls (not answering, going in and out of our private chat, i.e. not interested and encouraged me to continue if i stalled, which i did a lot for effect).
Of course she wasn’t interested in me and they all seemed very happy when they thought they had (humiliated) me .. She even gloated publicly (in the chat room) to “rub it in my face” bragging about being a “heart breaker”, laughing and mocking.
Looks like most of them are from the Cebu area, but i haven’t spent time enough in the chat room to find out for certain. If this goes deeper than revenge is also uncertain. It’s strange that girls, that are not single are using the chat-room in a dating site just for fun, or revenge.
Single goes through a lot sometimes to find someone they want to share their lives with, scamming, fraud and infidelity are probably only the top of the iceberg.
What happen with the men that actually takes the trip down to the Philippines? How many are being victimized by fraud and lose all their money, or worse? (The most common way foreigners die in The Philippines seem to be by jumping off from tall buildings.)
There are probably also 1000’s of stories that has a happy ending, those stories are not the focus of this article, but it has to be mentioned.
Anyone making contact with us in order to tell similar stories will have their anonymity protected.
Article might be updated.


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