The Diversion And Censorship Continues, Better Not Talk About The Election Being Stolen By Criminal Democrats

Image: Mozilla, Firefox planning to censor conservatives at the browser; deplatforming isn’t enough

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The election was stolen, those involved in the plot are desperate to keep the truth hidden, they all know what they are, – TRAITORS!

The false flag operation in the Capitol was a plot by Democrats, deep state, Antifa and BLM to keep the truth hidden by giving us another shiny object to focus on. Don’t look at the election fraud, look what Trump supporters did .. If America falls for that BULLSHIT and let the criminals off the hook, installing a FAKE President, that would truly be amazing!

Then the FBI has a presser where there’s no limit to the resources they will be using to investigate. That means clearing the criminals (Democrats, deep state, Antifa and BLM) and cover up the truth while prosecuting all and every Trump supporters the criminals led astray.

Yey, the stupidity and dishonesty level is off the charts!

Tucker Carlson on Twitter’s stupidity and double standard

Video: Fox News

Big Tech Cleans House! – Everything We Want You To Think

Video: AwakenWithJP


Yeah, and finally, Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!

For that they are abusing the Constitution, pretty desperate, ay!?



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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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