The Global Warming Hoax – David Icke

Image: 100 Million Americans On Alert For Severe Weather–With Records Already Falling Across The West; Omaezaki, Japan Suffers Extremely Rare Snow; + Eastern Europe Freezes

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The article “Climate Alarmism is a Dangerous Cult, Devoid of Real Science” (above) feature a graph. That graph fail to show the 30 as warm and 1936 as the warmest year ever measure with modern instruments, i.e. it is FAKE!

I have written numerous times that the “Greenhouse Effect” and “Greenhouse Gas” doesn’t exist in the real world. Point is, something that does not exist can not cause – anything!

The heat from the surface of the earth is warming the atmosphere and the atmosphere is cooled by – 0,5 C. / 100 m. as you ascend (Adiabatic Lapse Rate, ALD.) up in the atmosphere.

That constantly and rapidly cooling atmosphere can not warm the surface, i.e. its own heat source!

Something that is cold do not warm up something that is already warmer.

No, adding random molecules do not change that fact, not even awesome plant food molecules no matter how it is dancing or vibrating.

The atmosphere’s density is causing the energy (heat) to be lost to space slower, the density is at best only delaying the energy loss to space, the composition of gases in the atmosphere is irrelevant.

Water Vapor is the closest we get to a “Greenhouse Gas” – but that has always been called “Latent Heat” – It “traps” energy (heat) which it releases as it rises, cools down, condensates and form clouds (evaporation takes energy, that energy is released back when the water molecules condensates and form clouds).

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Why do CO2 lag behind temperature?

71% of the earth is covered by ocean, water is a 1000 times denser than air and the mass of the oceans are 360 times that of the atmosphere, small temperature changes in the oceans doesn’t only modulate air temperature, but it also affect the CO2 level according to Henry’s Law.

The reason it is called “Law” is because it has been “proven”!

“.. scientific laws describe phenomena that the scientific community has found to be provably true ..”

That means, the graph proves CO2 do not control temperature, that again proves (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of … Warming is – again – debunked!