The “Green” FRAUD is Really Starting To Piss Off Norwegians. 14 000 Extra Electricity Customers Ended Up at Lindorff Bill Collector Because of Skyrocketing Energy Prices

Image: Kraftig økning av inkassosaker etter strømsjokket

Foreigners think that Norway is such a wonderful country. In many way it is, but when it comes to energy Norway is fast following Germany, UK and Australia with 10 of 1000’s unable to pay for basic needs like electricity.

The situation in Norway is actually worse than in Germany. Fewer people makes it less noteworthy, but it’s still difficult for those affected and norwegians use electricity for everything, including heating, there’s no options like swithing to gas available, like in Germany or in the UK.

A few years ago the government made people throw out oil heaters because of “pollution.” Back then the electricity didn’t cost much so it was easy to follow the requirements.

Now, however, the electricity bill has been filled up with all kinds of other fees, some even hidden, like the subsidies of wind mills, Electricity Certificate, CO2 Tax (on hydroelectric power!??) and different kinds not specific fixed fees.

You even have to pay rent for the power line supplying the electricity that you pay for .. Let that sink in!

Even if electricity now is very expensive it still cost less than all the extra fees and taxes.

The “Green” FRAUD is not only a greedy FRAUD, it seems to be pushed by indifferent, corrupt and evil people (the loving left, of course).

Most of the time Norway is self-sufficient when it comes to electricity, we actually do not need wind mills at all. But the “Green” blob with its corruption and the (Man Made) Global Warming Hoax has spread to all level of the society and public servants are like zoombies; “we are only following the IPCC” they say.

Following the criminals in WWF / Greenpeace A.k.a. IPCC doesn’t make it less of a crime!

R. J. L. 



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