The largest nuclear reactor in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, is in its “grave hour,” the UN says.

The UN’s nuclear director warned this week that “extremely frightening” military activity was putting Ukraine’s largest nuclear plant at risk of a “unacceptable” radiation leak, and he called for an end to attacks on the facility.
The International Atomic Energy Agency’s director general, Rafael Grossi, pleaded with Russia and Ukraine on Thursday to permit nuclear safety inspectors to visit the sizable Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant right away.
Grossi warned the UN Security Council that “any nuclear catastrophe would be unacceptable” and said that “these military actions near such a huge nuclear complex could lead to extremely serious consequences.”
Grossi spoke to the council via video conference, calling the assaults on the plant “extremely frightening” and claiming that the circumstances there had reached a “grave hour.”

Russia convened the meeting to talk about what it alleges were Ukrainian attacks on the plant.
According to Grossi, last Friday’s shelling and explosions at Zaporizhzhia resulted in the shutdown of the electrical power transformer, two backup transformers, and one nuclear reactor.
In an interview with the Associated Press last week, Grossi described the situation in Zaporizhzhia as “totally out of control.”
He requested a halt to military operations on Thursday at such a crucial station “that have even the slightest possibility to undermine nuclear safety.”
Although a preliminary analysis by specialists determined that the military actions and shelling near the plant posed “no immediate threat to nuclear safety,” he cautioned that “this might change at any moment.”


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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