The Mainstream Media Is Wrong AGAIN on Climate Change

Image: The UN IPCC Science Panel Opts For Extreme Nuttiness

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If you are not being heard you need to shout louder, right, just like kids, i.e. not scientists. Another example: New Mexico Academic Compares the Climate Crisis to Gun Violence 

.. like children with impulse control issues, serious lack of critical thinking and no self awareness.

R. J. L.

Video: The Heartland Institute
Want proof you should ignore the mainstream media reports that we’re nearing a climate catastrophe? Thanks to our friends at CEI, we’ve chronicled 50 years of failed reports claiming we’re nearing a “crisis.”


How immature and dishonest are these activists?:

Does Climate Change Cause Extreme Weather Now? Here’s a Scorcher of a Reality Check

“Previous efforts to tie extreme weather events to climate change hadn’t had the impact scientists had hoped for, according to Time, because it “wasn’t producing results fast enough to get attention from people outside the climate science world.”” Full article ..

Everybody today has access to the net and can check out the facts in seconds, very few trust the channels these kids are using to push their lies. A lie is still a lie even if you push it faster!

New Confirmation that Climate Models Overstate Atmospheric Warming

Just what the CPP are paying for:

Climate Hype Hurts the Environment and Undermines Our Society


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