The moon hides mysteries you may not know

The mysteries of the moon

Here are some interesting facts to know about the Moon

The moon is often hit by earthquakes

Since it has a crust, mantle and core (like earth), it is prone to disturbances or “earthquakes”.

Golf was the first sport played on the Moon

During the Apollo 14 mission, astronaut Alan Shepard swung a makeshift golf club on the lunar surface. He didn’t hit the ball the first time, but on the second attempt it flew

The moon was used for birth control

During the 50s, Czech doctor Eugene Jonas developed a method of family planning based on information contained in ancient Assyrian texts that stated that women’s fertility coincided with the various phases of the moon.

The moon has really turned blue

When the Krakatoa volcano erupted in 1883, it created so much ash in the atmosphere, the moon appeared as blue for almost two years.

The moon is not round

According to NASA, it’s actually egg-shaped, with the larger end pointing toward us.

There is no dark side to the Moon

There really is no dark side to the moon; rather it is the far side of the moon that we cannot see from Earth


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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