The party’s over for illegal raves, Italy’s new government says

The new right-wing administration in Italy signaled on Monday that it would tighten down on illegal rave gatherings, with organizers facing jail terms of up to six years.
The relocation came after a weekend Halloween party near the northern city of Modena, which drew over 1,000 guests from Italy and abroad and resulted in complaints about noise and its effect on local traffic.
“We have shown that the state won’t turn a blind eye and fail to act when faced with law-breaking,” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni told a news conference, saying Italy needed to tighten the rules to bring it into line with European neighbours.
The larger rave that took place in Viterbo last year, when two reported deaths and damage to a natural beauty spot were reported, was referenced by Meloni, whose government took office in October on a promise to be strict on law and order.
“The impression that the Italian state has given in recent years is one of being lax when it comes to respecting the rules and the law,” she said.


by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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