“The Rat Man of Japan” | THE DISTURBING TRUTH

This Little girl was walking alone outside her house one hot afternoon when a man grabbed her  with this exact strange hand.

“Wouldn’t you like to go somewhere where it’s cool?” 

The little girl listened and went into his car…

and if you think you can alredy guess what happened next, THINK AGAIN!

This is a Chilling Story of a man who committed the most horrific crimes in Japan’s modern history. 

One of the Asian kids whose parents put pressure on them to do well in school was Tsutomo Miyazaki. However, because of his congenital deformity, he was bullied at school. He couldn’t move his hands or wrists at all because they were linked.

His own family and others thought it was strange that he was with a girl. His two younger sisters thought he was filthy, and his father hardly ever spoke to him.

He then discovered that his mother wasn’t really his biological mother, which only made matters worse! His abnormality was caused by the fact that he was born to his father and older sister! All of this naturally contributed to the MONSTER he would eventually become.

Miserable, he turned to his collection of mangas, anime, horror films and adult films… He consumed so much of them that he eventually would become bored of the most extreme things.

In order to level up his obsession, he must first appear unusual and eccentric. Tsutomo began photographing the CROTCHES of female tennis players while still in college. These odd tastes will eventually turn into worse and worse habits.

He hurt his mother for ordering him to stop spending so much time watching his films, and he also hurt one of his sisters who was taking a bath.

He started watching child porn when he was 22 and was greatly influenced by horror movies that featured torture. Tsutomo, then 26 years old, will go on to start the most heinous crimes in contemporary Japanese history with this repulsive combo.

And this little girl named Mari Konno, who was just 4 years old, was his first victim. When the child started sniffing and making noises while he was being driven to a hiking trail, Tsutomo panicked. As soon as the young girl stopped breathing, he instantly gripped her neck and squeezed it. He then stripped her of her clothes and started doing unimaginable things. Mari’s body, who was 4 years old, was abandoned to rot.

Six weeks later, Tsutomo started killing additional children. Erika Namba, age 4, Masami Yoshisawa, age 7, and Ayako Nomoto, age (5 years old). enslaving them, touching their dead, photographing them, and even preserving some of their clothing as THROPIES!

However, he resolved to LEVEL UP his evil deeds, exactly like the horrifying monsters in the movies he watched. He returned for the kids’ bodies, cut off some of their limbs, and either burnt or ate them.



And yet, he continued on after that! Because Tsutomo even had the audacity to torment the family while the families and police were looking for these young girls! Similar to the worst antagonists in movies… and family! Similar to the worst antagonists in movies…

He made weird phone conversations, only breathing on the other end as the families’ cries and frightened voices could be heard. He also gave them boxes with their child’s teeth, ashes, and bones like a true maniac. Then he added postcards with the words: “Thank you” and pictures of the girls’ outfits to these “gifts.”


He behaved in many ways as though getting caught was his goal. That is, until Tsutomu became TOO CONFIDENT and decided to level up some more. He then decided to target two girls, a pair of sisters, to attack. One of the sisters managed to flee during his terrible crime.

He was ultimately captured by police before he could flee. Soon after, police investigated his home and discovered 6000 video cassettes in his collection, including footage of Mari’s gnawed hands and feet and what he had done to the other young females.

The story disgusted the Otaku murderer’s own father so much that he decided not to hire a lawyer out of deference to the families. Later, this twisted murderer claimed that his alter ego, “RAT-MAN,” was to responsible for his crimes. He then blamed his father in a furious letter to his father.

The trial took 7 long years, but the Otaku Murderer was eventually sentenced to death. 

This story is absolutely insane, extreme case that can make anyone sick to their stomachs. and if it gives us any reminder at all, it is for parents out there to please, please always observe and see how your child is growing up. CONTROL what type of content they consume so they don’t get influenced by bad people. Because you’ll never know how much a lack of care could totally change the trajectory of someone’s life. So much that it would change one depressed, loner kid into what a whole country would call the OTAKU MURDERER.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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