The Simple Text Rumored To Have Sparked William And Harry’s Reconciliation

Although William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Duke of Sussex, are siblings, their relationship has recently been more characterized by conflict than by brotherly love. Rumors suggest that William and Harry’s supposed argument was a case of “he said, he said.” According to a source, conflict erupted after Harry accused William of not doing more to welcome Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, into the royal family, according to Vanity Fair in 2018. The relationship between William and Harry has reportedly become chilly as a result of multiple reported slights and uncomfortable confrontations (via Cosmopolitan), according to another source who told Us Weekly in 2021 that William was upset when his brother revealed their “secret chats.”
Before there was any indication that Queen Elizabeth II was nearing the end of her days, the two apparently avoided each other even though they lived in mansions that were only a few steps apart earlier this month (per The Sun).
However, with the queen’s passing, everything seemed to have changed. It was the first time the brothers were pictured together since July 2021 when William, Harry, and their wives came back together to greet mourners outside of Windsor Castle (via The Washington Post). The two were at odds, but while tragedy may have brought them together, a purported text message is thought to have been the real catalyst.


William Allegedly Texted Harry Asking To Reunite

The weekend’s William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Duke of Sussex reunion made headlines, and some said that King Charles III was responsible for the couple’s brief reconciliation (via Richard Kay, a royal specialist, however, told the Daily Mail that William is believed to have suggested the meeting and did so by text message.
According to reports, Prince William texted his brother with a suggested time for them to meet up and see the flowers laid outside Windsor Castle in memory of their grandma. Harry agreed, though The Times points out that there might have needed to be some negotiations before the two appeared in front of the public together, causing a delay. The Prince of Wales thought it was a vital demonstration of unity at a very trying period for the family, a royal insider said the news organization when asked why the reunion took place.
Previous reports indicated that William was waiting to see his brother until after the release of Harry’s upcoming memoir. Given the weight of their grandmother’s death, however, William, Prince of Wales, seems to have had a change of heart — at least for now.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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