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No compensation for victims, after No.3 flood passes | China flood 2020

Video: China Observer – Vision Times

On July 27, the No. 3 Yangtze River Flood passed through Chongqing city, and the water level of the Yangtze River in Chongqing soared by 7.3 meters to 181.76 meters in the past two days, exceeding the alert level by 1.5 meters, which is the highest water level since the beginning of the flooding this year.

The danger of the Three Gorges Dam has been temporarily alleviated, but the downstream provinces lie in devastation. Anhui province, in particular, has been sacrificed once again to protect major cities like Shanghai and Nanjing.

According to news from the Anhui Province Emergency Management Department, the province has now used 11 flood storage areas. This has caused many citizens to lose their assets and property, and more than 200,000 people have fled their homes.

The government said it would dig up the embankment immediately for flood storage if some parts collapsed, which gave people little time to prepare for evacuation. Many farms were destroyed and a large number of animals were washed away.

Villagers fleeing for their lives have set up temporary tents on the embankment of the Hangbu River and under overpasses. The flooding has almost entirely impoverished the people in the flood storage area as many lost the only assets and properties they have, and there remains no hope in sight.

According to a report by China’s Ministry of Emergency Management, dated the 28th of July, it states:

Since the main flood season started on June 1, floods have affected over 5 million people in across 27 provinces (regions and municipalities), including Jiangxi, Anhui, and Hubei, with 158 people dead and missing and 3,760,000 people in emergency relocation; 41,000 houses have collapsed and 368,000 have been damaged to varying degrees; an area of over 5,283.3 thousand hectares of crops have been affected and the direct economic loss is 144.4 billion yuan or $20.7 billion USD.

As the government often releases floods without warning, the victims did not have time to evacuate their belongings. Why didn’t the government plan in advance where the villagers would be relocated? Where are the disaster relief funds and emergency supplies? There are so far no answers to these questions in the Chinese media. People in the floodplains have lost their homes and property, and hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee for their lives. At the time being, there is no option other than to suffer in silence. –

On July 24, the head of China’s statistics bureau wrote in the People’s Daily that the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects has basically been achieved, and the Chinese Communist Party government has made great achievements.

The article however makes no mention of the flooded areas and the people who have become practically destitute there. Although the Chinese government and media claim that China has become a moderately well-off society, the reality is that many people still live below the poverty line.

People in poverty may be aware of the root causes of their poverty, but are surrounded by the propaganda of the Chinese government and media, there are many people who may not yet understand why they are so poor and unfortunate.

On January 13, 2020, Wu Huayan, a female student from Guizhou province who shocked the world by living on just two yuan a day passed away. She was only 135 centimeters tall at the time and was suffering from an ailment that left her at only 22 kgs.

When Wu was severely suffering from the illness, some enthusiastic netizens contacted the International community for help. Two American hospitals, one German and a British hospital called Wu and invited her to go abroad for treatment, but she refused. Wu said: you have embarrassed us Chinese in international society. “We Chinese can solve our own problems, and we don’t want foreigners to interfere. I don’t want to disgrace my country. My country has been very good to me.”

It wasn’t long before her beloved country failed to save her life, and she died in the hospital at the age of 24.


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