The Trump Campaign Released an Ad After the Debate. It’s ‘Devastating.’

Published June 28, 2024

Democrats are in a full-blown panic after Thursday evening’s presidential debate. As Politico notes, the event will go down in history as the “most disastrous performance in a televised debate,” pushing Richard Nixon’s sweating incident in 1960 aside. And that’s what Democrats are saying. As for former President Donald Trump, all his campaign has to do is replay clips of President Biden, which is exactly what they did in one of their first ads since the debate.

In a 95-second spot, Biden does all the talking…and it’s brutal.

On Truth Social, Trump released another ad asking voters to think about whether Biden would make it another four years as president.

“Vote Joe Biden today, get Kamala Harris tomorrow,” it concludes.



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Published June 27, 2024

The Trump campaign will run a pair of television ads late Thursday that slam President Biden’s record and his physical and mental abilities, and even ask if the Democrat “makes it four more years in the White House.”

The ads will run in swing states and Washington, D.C., during the presidential debate. Former President Donald Trump and Mr. Biden are squaring off in Atlanta in their first debate late Thursday on CNN.

“When you think about the Joe Biden you saw in the debate, ask yourself a question: Do you think the guy who was defeated by the stairs … got taken down by his bike … lost a fight with his jacket … and regularly gets lost … makes it four more years in the White House?” one 30-second ad says over clips of Mr. Biden stumbling on Air Force One and falling off his bike.

And you know who’s waiting behind him, right?” the narrator says over a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris laughing.

The other 30-second spot is a more traditional political ad that targets Mr. Biden over price inflation and illegal immigration.

Democrats are hopeful Mr. Biden will pull ahead as the race comes into focus.

Mr. Biden has been hammering Mr. Trump as a threat to democracy, pointing to his role in whipping up supporters before they attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The Biden campaign is leaning into Mr. Trump’s situation as a convicted felon after his hush money trial in New York with part of a seven-figure media blitz around the debate.




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