The @Twitter Gulag

Image: Twitter Permanently Blacklists British Conservative Katie Hopkins

Just so you know: Posting facts are considered “hateful conduct” by the fascists at Twitter.

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Video: Tony Heller

Twitter is ramping up their censorship against conservatives. In this video I document some of the techniques they are using.


Tucker on big tech trying to censor his show

Video: Fox News


I stopped using Twitter when I noticed I was shadowbanned, now it’s just sitting there, idle. Instead I use Mewe, Gab, Ok (Russian), Vk (Russian) and Parler. Newscats was started as a result of the first fb-block. Facebook is getting less and less attention by me, eventually it will be just an advanced phone and contact-book, almost as worthless as My Space (I get woke stupidities from once in a while and I visit even less).

Instead, now I have 1000’s of readers every day here on Newscats – but most importantly, I get to write and post exactly what I want (so does the others posting here, low IQ leftist nonsense is only accepted in the comment section!)

R. J. L. 


Gab: Conservative social media site targeted by Visa lockout


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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