The U.S. Army Releases A Brand New Vehicle For The First Time In 4 Decades

The new vehicle from the U.S. Army is formidable on land, but it’s not quite the tank that some would be expecting. The American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank frequently comes to mind when thinking of large military machines. The main combat tank for the Army has mostly not changed over the years, despite going through numerous revisions that improved it. In fact, the military didn’t even come up with a new vehicle design until more than 40 years ago. That is, up until recently. June saw the U.S. Army revealed the most recent advancements in its Mobile Protected Firepower program, which will make use of a brand-new armored vehicle with an innovative design. literally.
The same company that created the first M1 Abrams tank, General Dynamics Land Systems, will create and produce this light armored vehicle. The MPF looks like a tank or at least a more advanced version of the opulent but gigantic Rezvani Tank X SUV. It’s not really intended to take the place of the Main Battle Tank in the military, though. If so, what exactly is the United States? new vehicle for the army? The Army says it has a lot to do with flexibility, effectiveness, and most importantly, strategy.

What Is A Mobile Protected Firepower Vehicle?

The Abrams tank is described as a 70-ton behemoth with a 1,500-horsepower turbine engine and a 120mm weapon in its specifications. Despite their incredible durability, they are hefty and take a long time to deploy. On the other hand, MPFs are meant to be lighter, 30-ton vehicles with 105mm cannons (via U.S. Army). The military’s light ground troops, Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCT), will receive support from MPFs. With tank-like tracks in place of tires, these vehicles are supposed to replace the Marine Corps’ eight-wheeled light armored vehicle, the LAV25. GD equipped them with contemporary diesel engines and improved thermal viewers.
It may not be able to repel full-sized tanks, but that is not what MPFs are for. The concept highlights that weight is crucial in this situation because MPFs are designed to have a tank’s weaponry while still being small enough to be airlifted onto the battlefield and controlled in confined spaces. Its idea is similar to the Cobra Kai maxim, “Strike First, Strike Hard.” That entails quickly and effectively eliminating smaller enemy personnel, armored vehicles, and defensive bunkers to seize the initiative before the opposition can respond. Regarding its moniker, MPF is only a platform that accurately describes the vehicle, but the U.S. Army is rumored to name its new vehicle design in October (via Popular Science) upcoming generation.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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