The Video from the Latest Hamas Rocket Attack that Shows what Israelis are Experiencing

By Avi Abelow

Last night the IDF responded militarily to the Hamas rocket that they shot from Gaza that destroyed an Israeli home. Miraculously the Israeli residents survived with relatively light injuries. In response to the IDF retaliation, Hamas shot another barrage rockets onto Israel, destroying another Israeli home. Millions of Israelis either slept in their safe rooms or were prepared to run to their safe rooms at a moments notice.

One woman recorded herself in her bed, in her safe room, as Hamas rockets can be heard in the background. This is the reality that millions of Israelis are living with right now. What is it like spending your night in a bomb shelter? 25 yr old Einav, a college student who lives a few minutes from Gaza, filmed herself and her dog Anchel so you’ll understand. Hamas is firing rockets at innocent Israelis just like Einav. Share her story.

The Solution

In response to President Trump’s recent US recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, Israeli PM Netanyahu expressed that it is about time Israel’s aggressors learn that when they attack Israel and lose, that they lose land. He was referring to the Syrian aggression against Israel leading up to the 1967 six-day war. Syria attacked Israel from the Golan Heights, they lost the war, Israel liberated the land, annexed it and today the USA finally recognized that it belongs to Israel. However, we hope PM Netanyahu also makes Hamas learn this same lesson as well with regards to Gaza. The only time Israel will stop Hamas from shooting rockets and endangering Israelis is when Israel destroys Hamas and takes back the Gaza strip. They have been attacking us from Gaza for over 15 years, they will lose Gaza!

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