The Walking Braindead: Flat Earther Science Denier List

Who gets the honour of being identified as the world’s most braindead!?  It’s not the outright Flat Earther’s, no, not at all!  Rather, it is the people who pretend to stand for modern science and who believe that they have presented to the world science’s greatest accomplishment and relevance to the modern world!  It is the people who truly, seriously, fundamentally believe, while having (at least claiming) actual credentials in science and physics, that they have presented the world with science’s most important work in relevance to mankind, while having based all of their work on literal flat Earth physics and claiming that it reflects actual reality.

Stupid, uneducated people can simply be dismissed and even forgiven for believing in flat Earth science.  Trolls can be ignored while they post links in Youtube comments and various internet places to flat Earth pseudoscience.

However, you must be a very special and particularly acute brand of braindead to truly and seriously present yourself as a scientist with degrees in various scientific fields, professing science’s greatest relevance to mankind in modern times, and have based that proselytizing on flat Earth physics!  This is what every climate alarmist and climate alarm skeptic is guilty of who believes in the radiative greenhouse effect at the sole fundamental basis of climate alarm and the field of climate science.  Here is that basis, from Harvard University no less(!):

That’s a flat Earth, you braindead retards!  No offence to people who are actually developmentally retarded due to factors beyond their control.  The people who believe in the radiative greenhouse effect at the basis of climate alarm are willfully braindead retarded.  Here’s flat Earth physics published in an actual science journal(!):

Global Energy budget from the climate science point of view.
(Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society)

That’s a flat disk, you braindead retards!  DUUUUHHHHH!!!  So they have the flat Earth, and then look what numbers come out of it: sun provides 161 W/m^2 of energy to the Earth surface, and Earth’s atmosphere provides…wait for it…333 W/m^2 of energy to the surface, a full two-hundred-and-seven percent (207% !) more energy than the Sun!


We have actual, real scientists (claimed to be, anyway) who start with a flat Earth, and that’s one thing.  But then they actually go ahead and work out the numbers as if the Earth were actually truly physically flat, find that Earth’s atmosphere must therefore provide 207% more energy than the Sun, and then…wait for it…publish it in a science journal!


One simply has to take a step back from this and marvel at the monumental stupidity of it.  The profound absurdity of it.  One really needs to step back and ask what it means.  What it means about man?  What it means about humanity?  What is says about science?  What it says about the forces behind it?  What it means about man’s place in the universe?  What it means differentially about the folks who do and who do not believe in climate alarm and its radiative greenhouse effect?  About the difference between those who can’t question it, and those who are capable of doing so?

I went into astrophysics because I found planets, solar systems, galaxies, space, time, existence, etc., profound beyond comprehension.  This situation with the flat Earther science deniers with degrees in science claiming to be scientists is still more profound but in a quite disturbing way.

Here we will collate a list of the world’s greatest science deniers: those who believe in flat Earth physics by believing in climate alarm and its radiative greenhouse effect, and who have performed some of the world’s greatest efforts at proselytizing it to the public.

The Flat-Earther Science Denier List

  • Kevin Trenberth
  • Michael Mann
  • Christopher Monckton
  • Anthony Watts
  • Gavin Schmidt
  • Roy Spencer
  • JoAnne Nova
  • David Evans
  • Everyone at “Skeptical”Science
  • Robert Brown
  • Al Gore
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • more soon to come!
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