There’s Actually No Natural Warming And Even Less Man Made (Global) Warming. That is so Easily Solved. Video by Tony Heller: Data Tampering Complete: Mission Accomplished!

Image: Forbes Ignores Record Crop Production In The Name Of Global Warming

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By Tony Heller 

The latest version of NOAA’s Global Historical Climatology Network, is the crowning achievement of a decades long effort to rewrite Earth’s history and hide the heat of the past.


Scientists At The Control Knobs

By Tony Heller

I saw a great article yesterday on Google News : “Scientists Working To Keep Warming Below 2 Degrees Celsius” Meanwhile, back in the real world, climate scientists are working hard to create fake graphs which make it look like earth is rapidly warming – because their government grants depend on climate alarm. They have a fundamental conflict of interest.


The City Of Liepaja, Latvia Receives Its Earliest Snowfall On Record

Who would cheat if the measured data really did show a problem?


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President Trump Won!!

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