There’s Still No Such A Thing As (Man Made) Climate Change / (Man Made) Global Warming, Nor Is It Possible To Die Because Of Climate Events, However You Can Die Because Of Weather Events – Video: Andrew Neil grills XR activst Zion Lights

Image: Extinction Rebellion protesters call on BBC to ‘tell climate truth’

If the truth was to be told all the “green” organizations, pretending to care about the earth and the environment, would be banned because there’s no (Man Made) Global Warming and the AGW-nonsense is just a scheme to grab money, ironically, if they get to implement their no-carbon policies, there wouldn’t be much money, – come to think of it, there wouldn’t be much of anything.

And, of course, then the children really would have cause for worry, a big one!

A good example of what that kind of policies would create already exist, it’s called North Korea where the child mortality rate is 22,1 (pr. 1000) and where the mortality rate for children under 5 is 19 according to UNICEF

Andrew Neill Destroys XR’s Eco Wally

By Paul Homewood

Finally there seems to a fight back against the eco loons of Extinction Rebellion. Andrew Neil thoroughly takes apart this wally from XR. (about 20 mins in)

There has also been a highly critical article in the Telegraph today, as well as in the Mail this week.

Naturally of course the eco nutters are still treated as being serious people by the BBC, but the message seems to be hitting home now, confirming what most normal people already believe:

1) There is no “climate emergency”

2) UK emissions are so tiny that eliminating them will have no effect at all.

3) The UK is already fast reducing emissions, but at a huge cost.

3) To get to zero carbon will cost much more, even if possible. And will utterly transform people’s lives for the worst.

4) Eliminating emissions globally will condemn most of the world’s poor to eternal poverty.

5) We have a democratic system of govt. If people agree with the lions, they can vote for the Green Party. XR have no right to stop ordinary people from going about their business.

The BBC would still like you to believe that XR are a serious body, who represent millions of normal  people. In fact they are a rabble who have little public support, and no justification morally or scientifically for what they are doing.

Hopefully the government might now take the hint, and treat them as the bunch of anarchists that they really are.



Andrew Neil exposes the inaccurate and alarmist claims of Extinction Rebellion.


The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

By Paul Joseph Watson


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