Three dead as fires bring ‘hell on Earth’ to NSW

Image: Three dead in NSW blazes with more missing

By Sky News Australia  

Three people have been killed and there are grave fears for at least five others still missing as an unprecedented bushfire crisis plagues New South Wales.


‘The animals are all lying on the ground dead’: Glen Innes mayor

By Sky News Australia

Glen Innes Mayor Carol Sparks says bushfires in the area have been “devastating” and unlike anything she’s seen after decades in the town.


This next video is a dishonest alarmist BS video blaming fires on “Climate Change” (Man Made Global Warming).

Climate is average weather over time, 30 years – normally. A single bushfire, drought or flood is not a climate event, it’s a weather event – no matter how terrible it is.

To blame it on climate change (Man Made Global Warming) is not only dishonest, it also document incompetence, ignorance (corruption?) and stupidity (of course the comment section for this video is closed, another sign it’s a complete con).

Former fire chief delivers chilling bushfire warning to Australia’s government




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