Thug Bеgѕ Viсtim tо Fight Him, Ѕuddеnly Thеrе’s а Flаѕh аnd Тhеn Dаrknеss

A cellphone video uploaded to the internet showing a thug seemingly begging his victim for a fight also perfectly depicted what happens when bullies pick on the wrong people.

Uploaded to LiveLeak in July of 2016, the video began with a rather skinny thug aggressively approaching a guy who it appeared had just exited a grocery store.

The punk proceeded to put his face right up to the face of the victim, who for the record looked bigger than him, though not quite as muscular.

The two then stared menacingly into each others’ eyes like angry bulls, until at last the victim threw a devastating punch, sending the thug’s cheap sunglasses flying away like a bird.

A couple of punches later, the thug wound up dropping to the ground like a bowling pin — but his victim was not yet through with him.

The victim then repeatedly kicked the downed thug right in the face, so as to perhaps suggest to him that maybe he should wait a while before trying to get up.

Talk about a lesson learned the hard way.

Here’s a fundamental hint toward making it in this world that I dedicate to any and all bullies: Never pick on someone bigger than you. Better yet, never pick on anybody, period.

Everything that goes around comes around, and if you go around trying to bully people, there is a strong likelihood that one day you will wind up getting your butt handed to you just like the thug featured in the video above, who went from begging for a fight to begging for help.

How ironic.


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