Tomi Lahren Schools the Bitter Women of “The View” on Trump

Tomi Lahren absolutely obliterates all the bitter liberals women on “The View” when they ask her how she can support a “misogynistic” president.

What a bunch of out-of-touch morons.



Radical Islamic Terrorists – that is what President Trump has been talking about ALL THE TIME. Remember he was criticized for using the term and criticised Barry O. Bummer and #Hilloccio for NOT USING THE TERM. What is radical islamic terrorists?

Muslims, right .. All muslims? No, –

Radical Islamic Terrorists! Saudi Arabia is not on the list because they have control and can provide background information of their citizens.

If there was no wiretapping, how was the leftist media able to report wiretapping?

Tomi Lahren, Jessica Tarlov On Rachel Maddow’s Trump Tax Return Reveal



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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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