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This is one way to know that the (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” (due to lack of warming) is nonsense.

In the lower part of the Troposphere the air is too dense for radiation to play a (measurable) role, radiation tend to not reach very far (average just 20 cm.) befor it is absorbed by, for the most part, water vapor (95% – called “Latent Heat” – not “Greenhouse Gas”). Instead energy (heat) is transported by wind, i.e. the overturning of airmasses where warm air ascends forcing cooler air to descend, a process called convection, and because of convection, CO2 play no role in the lower part of the Troposphere to the altitude of about 1 km.

From the surface of the earth to an altitude of a 1000 meter the temperature difference is min. 6,5C. making “Back Radiation” – another fantasy of the dishonest “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Community, – pure fantasy (something that is colder cannot further warm something that is already warmer – another way of thinking about it: A slow moving car can no add speed to a car already going faster).

But all of that is not very important, it’s just a distraction, a shiny object because, as we know, it’s not about science, facts, CO2, – it’s not even about the climate – it’s all about keeping us busy arguing over here, while they are preparing to install world government, currently barely out of view – over there, you know the New World Order with its great reset and population reduction (mass murder) schemes etc. – the same evil we have witnessed time after time over the last 100 years.

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
I fled Colorado two years because of the governor’s authoritarian takeover of business and public life. Now he claims to be a libertarian defending freedom

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