Tornado in China smashes 150 tents; China threatens Taiwan; Dog post blocked

Image: Two Dead in Bubonic Plague Outbreak in China, Authorities Say

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Video: China in Focus – NTD

Hong Kong police arrested a total of ten people including media tycoon Jimmy Lai on Monday, causing backlash from the West.

In the Inner Mongolia region, a tornado tore down 150 tents of a tourist site, and injured over 30 people.

Twitter is reportedly in talks with TikTok over a potential deal, but whether the company can afford the deal is in question.

Taiwan received the first US minister to visit in decades. The CCP is not happy. Military threats followed. But there seems to be no sign of a comeback.

And a post on Chinese social media was blocked by authorities. It read “a box of altogether five small dogs.” The innocent post was blocked for an unusual reason.


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