Trans Activist Accused of Rape After She Was Moved to Women’s Prison

An incarcerated woman at a California prison was an eyewitness to a rape of a fellow prisoner by a trans woman at the facility.

The prisoner witness, Mimi Le, saw the victim being taken to a medical-administrative building in the facility by staff after other female inmates reported that she had been raped.

The witnesses identified trans activist Syiaah Skylit as the perpetrator.

The rape allegedly occurred in May 2022. reported:


A female inmate at the Central California Facility for Women has come forward with a sworn declaration of having been eyewitness to the aftermath of an alleged sexual assault that took place within the institution.

Incarcerated woman Mimi Le has provided a sworn declaration to lawyers at the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) to be included in WoLF’s case against the State of California. The evidence was given exclusively to Reduxx for review in advance of WoLF’s latest filing.

According to Le’s statement, she was one of many eyewitness to the events surrounding what was described as a “sexual assault” committed by a trans-identified male against a female inmate.

Le explains that on May 19, a female inmate was taken to a medical-administrative building in the facility by staff after other female inmates reported that she had been raped. Le describes personally witnessing the woman as being “barely conscious,” and that less than one hour later, she was taken out of her cell on a stretcher under a Code 3 medical alert – one that signifies an inmate is unresponsive and unable to be revived using immediate methods.

The next day, Le says she was told by multiple inmates that the woman had been sexually assaulted by Jonathan Roberston, also known as Siyaah Skylit. Robertson was previously the subject of widespread trans activist campaigns attempting to relocate him from a male facility to the women’s institution he is now in.

Author JK Rowling weighed in on this insanity.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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